Hey, I'm a 20 year old girl with a love for SHINee, and a love for writing. Even if I don't possess that much talent for it. My OTP is Jongkey, and I'm going to attempt to start writing some fics. If you read any, I hope you like them!


Hello everyone~! I know it’s been AGES since I last updated, but I have been extraordinarily busy with life, and mostly just blocked on how to finish this fic. But, alas, here is a Taekey smut fic! I was asked to do this pairing by multiple users on my asianfanfics page. ( And, as always, I would love it if you commented on there to let me know if you liked it. ^^ Thank you, enjoy!

Pairing: SHINee - TaeKey.
Rating: NC-17.
Genre: Smut. (One shot)
Words: 2,913.

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